Can Turmeric Cure Cancer?

What if the spread of cancer could be stopped by something in your grocery store? There’s a reported case of what happened in the UK with the 67 year old woman who had been battling blood cancer for years with little success until on her own.

She reportedly began taking 8 grams of curcumin a day which is one of the main compounds in something I love, TUMERIC by name. She lives a normal life now. Doctors said her case is the first recorded instance in which a patient has recovered using the household spice after stopping conventional treatments and I want to be very clear because this was a case report and there’s no cause effect at play here so this is one where doctors are surmising well, that could this have played a role and the reason this story is not only raising eyebrows is because we know turmeric. I always say it’s anti-inflammatory, this is something I put in a lot of foods and eat but certainly no one here is saying that it stop cancer treatments to take the position of spice but it also highlights that we don’t know all the other things this woman was using, we don’t know exactly how our treatments evolved but it also goes to show when you’re fighting cancer it’s not just the chemotherapy drugs you are using, the food you’re putting in your body system also determines.

Your immune system is crucial in this part, and if you can optimize the things you’re putting in your body your chance of fighting cancer is going to increase, that’s one thing we unequivocally do know. what’s in common is that you’re boosting your immune system and I think it’s also just the effect on your mind a positive affective you believe and what you’re doing may also give your immune system and the truth is we don’t know everything in medicine and so I’m sure there are a number of foods that people probably use hundreds and hundreds of years ago that really do have healing properties but at the same time it goes back to you not making the decision or saying I’m not going to proceed with traditional treatment and just do this I would say do it under the care of a physician always alright but it all plays a role and I think there’s probably a lot of truth to some of the things people did hundreds of years ago.

I guess which we had the research to prove it yeah exactly and don’t ever diminish when you look at also cancer rates and various cultures and societies they can be very disparate and a lot of it can be based on lifestyle a lot of it can be based on everything from hay, the spice is one of the culture who eats the Greens. Another one is how active this society is, how low stress it is, how high obesity all these things play a role. Are your tumors cured?

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