If there is any common food that can be use in different occasions raging from Wedding parties, Birthday parties, Naming ceremonies, etc Then it’s Jollof rice because it is easy to make and when cooked with correct ingredients it’s always delicious and yummy…

What you need to make a nice, tasty Jollof rice is the right ingredients. With the right ingredients in your Jollof rice you can never go wrong trust me.

You call yourself a Nigerian or house wife materials?? No matter how long or plenty is your yard, it will never be complete without knowing how to satisfy your man and children with a nice yummy tasty Jollof rice. You really want to learn?? Here we have useful and easy tips…


1- Grains of rice (1 derica or more depending on your location and quantity)

2- Groundnut oil

3-Grinded pepper

4-Currynd time



7-Tomato paste

8-Green beans (optional)

9- Sliced cucumber

10- Chicken or fish (optional).


1- Dice the cooked liver in a clean bowl,

2- slice the cucumber in a circular form

3- slice the onions in a circular form.

4- Place a clean pot on fire and put calculated amount of margarine,

5- follow by groundnut oil base on the measurement of rice you want to cook.

6- Allow the oil to stay for some minutes and put part of the slice onions.

7- Add the grinded pepper to it, follow by the dice liver, curry, time, salt and maggi.

8- Allow it to cook for some minutes and pour enough water, then add the rice and cover back.

9- After 20 or 25 minutes, your yummy tasty Jollof rice is ready….

Then serve each plates and place the slice onions and cucumber on it ….

The cucumber and onions is Nutritious and also add colour to your Jollof rice while on dinning table.

So with these steps follow strictly, I can bet it you will definitely love your Jollof rice, Enjoy eating with chilled soft drinks.

NOTE:- For people who wants to use meat or chicken Rinse the meat or chicken properly put in a clean pot, add maggi, onions, curry and salt with little water, allow to boil for like 15 minutes and fry.

Then serve it hot with your yummy Jollof rice.But Incase of fish, wash properly and add maggi, curry and salt.

Allow it to steam so the ingredients will enter properly then thereafter…It’s as simple as that.Enjoy making yummy Jollof rice easily.

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