Three Biggest Mistakes Women Make In Relationship

Welcome, I am Iyanla Vanzant. Now, this is the mailroom. Where I address the questions I receive from our subscribers to shed some light and give some understanding to some of the common issues and mistakes we encounter in relationships. (Three Biggest Mistakes Women Make In Relationship)

Today’s question comes from Kansas City, Kansas.

Here’s, the question . What are the three biggest mistakes women make in relationships? 

I’m a 23-year-old woman who is about to be married, and my mother taught me absolutely nothing about relationships. I’m sure your advice can help me to avoid some of the tragedies I will witness. My mother lived through delicious, and these mistakes can be rectified whether you are 23 or 53. If you recognize that you do or have done any of these, it’s not too late. So here’s.

  1. What I believe is the first tragic mistake that women make in relationships. They do not ask for what they want. Instead, they accept what is available or ask for what they think they can get. When a woman does not ask for what she wants or what she needs and as a result, she doesn’t get it. She runs the risk of becoming bitter and resentful, and once that happens, she will invalidate and belittle her partner, and I think that This is true in both same-sex and hetero relationships. It’s difficult to live an unfulfilled life. It is hard to make do rather than enjoy what you desire. Women tend to expect very little, so they get very little and that can lead to a permanent state of piss, which they act out in very unloving ways. Not asking for what you want.
  2. This is a huge one – that women don’t even recognize they gossip About their partner to other people, whether good gossip or bad gossip. Talking about your partner to people outside of the relationship destroys the sacred energy within the relationship. It is perfectly okay to have that one person even to neutral parties with whom you discuss your difficulties to get support, advice, or guidance, but they should be your difficulties, not your partners, bad habits, insecurities failings, and shortcomings that are Straight-up gossip. Those are the things you need to pray about. Gossiping about your partner is one huge mistake: women made it because they do not realize that what destroys a relationship comes from within the relationship, not from the outside gossip is a betrayal of trust and a violation of confidence. My sister, women don’t do it. It is a huge mistake that will destroy your relationship. 
  3. The third big mistake that I think women Make is women often fail to see their partners for who they are and expect them to be, how we see them. We are all human and we all have our challenges and our issues and our weaknesses when you deny dismissing diminish, avoid resisting seeing your partner for who they are. You will make up things about who they should be and expect them to live up to it. People are who they are, and they do what they do.

No one is perfect and no one is all bad just Because someone farts out loud or picks their nodes or jewels when they sleep does not mean they can’t be loved, valued, and honored. All too often women get caught up in who their partner is not and forget the value of who their partner is called the thing a thing, ladies, and if the thing you get is not the thing you want don’t get upset about it, don’t make the thing Wrong shift your focus and see everyone for who they are and everything as it is and Make your choice hope this helps you.

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