Top 5 Secrets to Make Him Want You More

How to make him want you more, in this write-up. I’m going to reveal five secrets to make the men you love, want you more, so whether you are single in a relationship, or married, these five tips will maximize your attraction power and make the man you Love want you more. Top 5 Secrets to Make Him Want You More | Relationship Advice For Women

Tip number one. You need to be less available and more independent.

The truth is that men love to chase. We don’t like to be chased. We don’t like to be Suffocated. We value our freedom and our independence and if you give us that freedom – and if you give us that independence more often than not, we will come running back. We’re going to have the time and the opportunity to chase you and seduce you. So it’s important for you to be independent and to be patient enough to give us that opportunity 

Secret number: two! You need to be more detached if your feelings and your emotions are getting the best of You.

The odds are that you will push this man away. The more detached you are, the more control you have over your relationship, so if you’re waiting for that engagement, if you want him to propose already, If you want him to invest more in your marriage, the key is detachment. You need to think about this concept and think about ways by which you can be more detached in your relationship today, if you’re not yet dating the man that you Want to be with be more detached about expectations so that you don’t become a Prisoner of your expectations.

Number three confidence and well-being, confidence and well-being are the key pillars of attraction.

If you are confident in yourself and at the same time have a true sense of well-being, you will shine, you will radiate light and you will make most men chase. You crave to be around you and to seek your validation, so don’t ever forget to work On your confidence and make sure that you are in a good place, because that’s what attracts us men 

Number four. This is especially for those that are in relationships.

And/Or that are married, be supportive, don’t compete with the man. You love. If you start to compete with him, the odds are that he’s going to try to get the upper head he’s going to be challenged and it’s not going to go too well.

The point is for you guys to be pulling in the same direction and Nothing is sexier to a man than a woman that is helping him achieve his dreams, his life mission, and purpose. And so, instead of trying to overcome your fears and your insecurities by trying to show him off work on that level of confidence, so that you can support him, of course, without being a doormat without compromising who you are and your values. But you need to uplift your man for him to love you more and last but not least, 

My fifth secret is for you to not challenge his fragile ego.

Men have a fragile ego and the truth is that a lot of times men are more sensitive than women, except that we hide it. We suppress our feelings and our emotions and we contend to be insecure and if you want a man to truly fall head-over-heels for you and continue to chase you. You mustn’t say things or Do things that will hurt him to his core.

It might sound obvious to you, but what I’ve seen over years and years of helping people with their relationships is that women sometimes don’t realize when they are pressing our buttons and men. Don’t react well. Well, if you think about these five tips and try to make sure that you maximize your attraction power based on those five secrets, I am sure that you can make this special guy fall head-over-heels for you.

Let me know your thoughts, and leave your comments, and questions in the comment section below, if you want to take it a step further. By being your best self and going back to your values and the things that you truly love.

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