What you must know about cervical cancer

Cervical cancer happens when the cells in a woman cervix changes, this cells serves as a connection to the uterus and vagina.

This cancer affect other organs and tissues around the cervix and in other parts of the hosts body, which are the lungs, liver, bladder, rectum and vagina.

Almost all cervical cancer are caused by Human papillomavirus (HPV) ,this same virus is responsible for genital warts. There are over 100 different types of HPV. Only few are associated with cervical cancer and they are called high-risk type, they include :

HPV 16, HPV 18…

We have different type of sex

Vaginal sex

Anal sex

We have different sexual position; Doggy style, missionary style, 69, scissors style, wheelbarrow style, cowgirl style…

Factors That Is Associated To The Cause of Cervical cancer There are specific genetic factors and lifestyle that makes women susceptible to contracting HPV. They include;

Various sexual partners.

Having more than 3 full term pregnancies or a full pregnancy before the age of 17.

Having a family history of cervical cancer occurrence.

long- term use of oral contraceptives (more than 6 years).
Abstinence is the best preventive measure.

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